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The Sound Of The Thunder Dragon

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Structured Lessons

Each lesson will have an accompanying PDF and Podcast Lesson for you to study with.


Never study alone,

Our Community is growing daily.

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We provide study logs and Quizzes to help retain what you learn.

Study with us




Our goal is to start from the basics and create lessons that are simple and easy to follow along with.


After jamming out to himalayan beats, we will analyze each song to learn new vocabulary and grammatical patterns.


If you are a foodie, Himalayan food is a must!  We will dive into the unique foods and dishes that define this region. 


Sit back and relax as we set off to explore a rich culture preserved in the sacred Himalayan mountains.

Discover a new culture


Tharingsa (ཐག་རིང་ས།) means far away in Dzongkha. In life, we have many dreams and aspirations; we desire to travel, learn new things, see the world. But if you are anything like me, distractions get in the way, and thus, your dreams get farther and farther away. Tharingsa was created to help bring those dreams closer.

My dream is to speak Dzongkha fluently, however, I have been unable to find quality resources that worked for me, so I decided to create my own. In order to achieve fluency, one must really delve into the language, culture, and converse with the people from the country on a daily basis. I believe this is possible if two things are addressed. First, the materials have to be easy to understand, fun, and engaging. Second, one needs to surround oneself with a community that speaks the language so that daily practice is possible. I hope to create these things and bring interest in the Bhutanese Language which I hold so dear.


This project is a labor of love, we spend all of our time and resources to create content that will be used to teach others.

We have tons of innovative ways to make this happen, however, 

our team is quite small. If you would like to volunteer, collaborate, or donate, please reach out to us via the contact page or through our Discord channel.

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The Himalayas

 join our 


Come hangout, make friends, and practice using what you learn in a fun enviroment. 

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